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‘Costume design is visual shorthand for who we are and where we’re from and what we’re going through in our lives. It’s our hopes and dreams and aspirations and all that other stuff we don’t necessarily realize we’re telegraphing.’ 

Originally from Bavaria, Germany, Kristin spent six years in Montreal, Canada, where she started to work in the fashion industry. Seeking new horizons, she made the leap to Paris in 2015, dedicating her focus to building a compelling fashion styling portfolio, as well as styling TVCs and music videos, amidst the city's iconic elegance.

Today, based in the eclectic hub of Berlin, she seamlessly transitioned into the world of film and television, working as a costume designer for feature films, TV shows as well as TVCs and music videos.

Each stop in her journey has not only shaped her aesthetic sensibilities but has also provided a global perspective that enriches Kristin’s approach to fashion and costume design. Every city has left its imprint on her creative identity, and she continues to draw inspiration from the diverse cultures and artistic expressions that have colored her professional trajectory.

Her work is a fusion of global influences, creating visual narratives that bring characters to life on screen.

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